The Arrival of my Aura (Dollmore Ipsae Monahan)

Posted in Ball Joint Doll by Uni on March 25, 2010

After waiting for slightly more than two weeks, my girl has arrived at a local post office this morning, and I took her back home. She was wrapped like a cocoon; then put into a golden corrugated box with a large Dollmore trademark on it; and finally, together with outfits, shoes, and so on, sealed in a larger ordinary corrugated box which weighted 5.6 kilograms.

Here’s the box weighted 5.6 kilograms:

It took me a moment to figure out what’s actually happening here. There are a little bit more items than my order: a towel due to Dollmore 8th anniversary, an extra wig, 2010 calendar, a brooch, a pair of sneakers, and even a cookie?

The cookie I told you; star-shaped; it seems more likely to be a real cookie to me:

The calendar, a manual, and a certificate:

Then the golden corrugated box:


“Cocoon” removed. She’s blindly beautiful! I decided to call her Aura, which means breeze in lots of descendents of Proto-Indo-European language starting from classical Greek and Latin. Although her default lingerie is pink, I asked if it’s possible to choose a black or a white one. I got a black lingerie set:

Sitting. Her long, wavy default wig is really beautiful:

but is hard to be stick to a location. I tried to pose her as in official stock photos. I have to use her right hand to fix her front hair. On the other hand, I haven’t realize I am such an awful photographer until a moment ago. I dealt with my Nikon D40X, pressed and switched lots of buttons on it though I don’t actually know what I was doing. The only thing I succeed is to cancel the flash. I am afraid of giving extra rays, especially the light power unit area in a small time interval of flash is high and I am not going to take the risk.

Indeed she’s undoubtedly beautiful. She’s absolutely far more beautiful than what she looks in these photos. Thank you so much, Anny, Nahuette, Sadaloha, Rose and Jee. I am so glad that I have chosen her. It’s so sad that the photos uploaded are the best photos I took. I really need to know how to use my D40X properly under condition of this kind.

Her hair:


Her face looks really gentle though gloomy a little bit:

Slightly photoshopped:


Here I’d like to link Nahuette’s album on Flickr (Please click the picture below ):

Nahuette is an owner of Pacifica (name of Nahuette’s Ipsae) for almost four years. Before me making decision, Anny had suggested me do a little search on Flickr and I did. The result was so surprising and I was thinking “Wow, more than 50 percent of photos are from her albums”. The outfits Nahuette made for her look so fine and the photos are so wonderful. Her album ” Pacifica visite St Malo en Bretagne” is my favorite. “If I own an Ipsae in the future,” I thought, “I am going to be a good owner like Nahuette.” Though I realize it’s not possible for me the moment I found I spent more than a hour simply on changing feet for high heel. Nevertheless, there’s still my best for me to try.

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這是於寺村秀夫著作《日本語のシンタクスと意味》第三冊p.16和p.18的表。表1和表2分別是考慮「名詞」+「格助詞」+「取り立て助詞」和「名詞」+「取り立て助詞」+「格助詞」的情形是否合理。格助詞是指が、を、に、へ、で、と、から、まで、より等,取り立て助詞指的是は、も、こそ、さえ、しか、だけ、ばかり、すら、まで、など、なんか、なんて、でも、だって等等。上表表1中是「名詞」+ 左行(column) + 上列(row)的合理性,下表表2是「名詞」+ 上列 + 左行。 「○」是合理,「╳」是不合理,「?」是無法判斷。







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敗家:Dollmore Ipsae

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這次敗家金額是931.5 USD,內容有:Dollmore Ipsae本體、一套洋裝、一雙靴、一雙腿(更正:腳掌Orz)、一套贈送的睡衣、一對贈送的玻璃眼珠。金額好大,短時間之內我不敢再刷東西了。



名字也想好了。原名Ipsae Monahan,Ipsae是韓文的입새,意思是嫩葉。Monahan則是愛爾蘭姓,來自manach牧師、僧人,再加上dimunitive字尾,這個姓的常見度在美國的排名是2,411。然後我選的名字是Aura,拉丁文的微風,陰性名詞。拉丁語系下的微風幾乎都和這個拼法相去不遠,古希臘文αὔρα就是微風,也是陰性名詞,這個名詞作為女性名、在美國的常見度排名是1309

Mar. 17 更新:決定好了:Elena Aura Laurentius, Elena一樣是老名字,希臘時的海倫Helen(Ἑλένη)來的,可能和太陽Helios(ἥλιος)有關;Laurentius也是老姓氏,和英文的Lawrence同源,意思是(拉丁文)Laurentum的人,而Laurentum可能來自laurel這個字。日文名字不管了,我缺乏想像力,決定叫あい了,漢字給她靄,我腦袋想的是「靄靄停雲,濛濛時雨」,根本一整個就是先想漢字再想讀音的。

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迷夢 – 志方あきこ

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志方あきこ早期的歌曲。收錄在「緑の森で眠ル鳥」專輯中是為第一曲。初盤2001 年11 月18 日。作曲者志方あきこ,作詞者篠田朋子。歌詞中有一小段的義大利文空耳,既然今天我碰巧看到我願意採信的空耳,那我順便把我早就想整理的心得整理一下吧。

首先是空耳。經查證這是「Già il sole dal Gange」中一段。使用字典有WordReference、Wiktionary、和Dizionario Etimologico,參考Isabel To (Google搜尋到的) 表演的歌曲資料上的翻譯和www.recmusic.org上的翻譯。

Col raggio dorato, ingemma ogni stelo,

E gli astri / del cielo dipinge nel / prato!

[0:03.323] Col raggio [0:06.876] dorato [0:08.250] ingemma [0:09.306] ogni [0:09.611] stello [0:10.670] E gli astri [0:11.924] del [0:12.521] cielo [0:13.479] dipinge [0:14.402] nel [0:14.946] prato! 聲音樣本是第三盤的「緑の森で眠ル鳥」,Exact Audio Copy擷取音軌。時間秒數小數點下是用Adobe Soundbooth 看波形確認取聲音的大約起始時間點,前字尾母音和後字首子音連起來唱且時間過短造成難以判斷的話取中間值。字典給的意思:col = con+il (with the) raggio = ray dorato = golden ingemma = adorn with precious stones, jewels. 3rd Person singular present indicative, 2nd Person singular present imperative ogni = every stelo = stem, blades of grass, c.f. pasto in Spanish E = and gli = the (article for masculine plural) astri = stars (plural or astro) del = di + il cielo = sky dipinge = paint color. 3rd Person singular present indicative nel = in + il prato = meadow。所以語意是「以金色的光線裝飾每一葉草(主格是第三人稱單數或第二人稱命令句)/而天空的星們/在草原上作畫(主格是第三人稱單數)」。

Col raggio dorato,ingemma ogni stello,

E gli astri / del cielo dipinge nel / prato!

鈍色の 空を渡り 水鳥は海を夢見る

薄闇に 落ちる影を 荒れ果て野 孤独と記憶

幼仔の 小さき眸は 揺りかごを求め彷徨う

裏路地に 荊道 靴音は正邪の奏で


削り取られ 僕は 選び 祈り 踊る



鴇色の 冷たい手は 語り部の声を摘み取り

格子戸に 掛かる月 銃声は歴史を描く


歪む街は 僕に 与え 奪い 謳う




沈む街が キミと 僕を 選び 造る





歌名「迷夢」是「幻想」。歌詞果然有很多我不知道該如何解讀的語句,像這句:「裏路地に 荊道 靴音は正邪の奏で」看起來中間的名詞「荊道」在這句的地位我沒有辦法處理,且要不要和下段「かたち亡くしてゆく正しさに削り取られ僕は選び祈り踊る」併在一塊兒看我也不知道。而且後面的這一句看起來格關係和文法完整,「僕は」應該是主格「僕が」,「かたち亡くしてゆく正しさに削り取られ」應該是用連用形的副詞子句,後面「選び」和「祈り」的動作者也是「僕が」,所以應該是照著順序翻成中文就可以了。可是問題是這樣真正要傳達的語意我還是不了解,不過這並沒有很困擾我。另一方面,這兩句挺有詩意:






一切都是這一首歌開始的。這超凡的音高、雋永的編曲、晶透的歌聲、絕佳的鋪敘--這讓我第一次聽到這首歌以後,它的旋律就迴盪至今。是我聽到的第一首志方あきこ的歌曲。我真的非常喜歡這一首歌曲。如果說有一天我只剩下一個資料儲存硬體讓我只能攜帶一首歌,無疑的,就是這一首。雖然說這首歌真的沒有這麼好,硬要挑的話我應該還是能如往常一樣列出不少我不喜歡的部分,但是這一曲就是真的非常喜歡。在很久以前我就已經在情緒上給它最高的地位了,對我來說這首是至高的歡愉、これ以上のない喜び,the bliss surpassing any verbal expression,ἡ ευημερία ἡ υπερθετικα。聽了志方六年一個月,隨著她最近的Ar tonelico 3歌曲問世,過去一個月讓我想了很多很多。我真的很不喜歡妳現在這樣子的歌曲。說不在意或不擔心是騙人的,但是對我來說已經夠了,妳都已經給我我最喜歡的歌曲了嘛,是吧。

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