Accepted by UIUC

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Finally. Going to study engineering in the US. 



Il Finale di Nodame’s Cantabile, Episode I

Posted in Uncategorized by Uni on July 7, 2010

C’mon, is this a Japanese product? I am perfectly sure the answer to the preceding question is definitely positive, but the shabbiness of this blu-ray really puzzles me.

This is the blu-ray bought in BigCamera and sent to me from my little sister yesterday. I’ve been waiting for months because of my laziness and I never try hard to keep myself well informed, I missed the first and the second episodes in cinema. Blu-ray is the first alternative appeared in my mind. When I was looking up the product information and comparing the different versions of this Nodame’s finale on Amazon, I found things were weird: there are three versions: DVD, DVD with specials, and then the blu-ray. So where’s the option blu-ray with specials? Since I am not really an enthusiast of Japanese specials, but am thinking it’s the resolutions that matters, I order her to get the blu-ray version.

Finally I got it. I unwrapped it immediately. When I opened its glossy blue case, you know what, there’s not even a booklet inside. This is normal most of the time, however, most of the time, I am able to discover lots of special features inside the blu-ray discs, director’s talks, trailers, or the makings of the films, for instance, but there seems no feature of this kind inside this blu-ray disc. It’s still acceptable to me but you will undoubtedly consider this absolutely abnormal after you have seen how do Japanese wrap their product ordinarily.