Adobe Photoshop CS5

Posted in Miscellaneous by Uni on May 10, 2010

Just noticed the trial version is already available for a little while, I downloaded and installed the trial version of Photoshop CS5 extended. According to Wikipedia, Photoshop CS5 is released on 30th April. Here’s I list several changes I noticed or new features I tried.

Launching Screen

The launching screen was changed into rhombuses.

Icons are also changed. After opening and exiting the application for several times, I found indeed CS5 launches slightly faster.

New Brushes

Brushes are enhanced: new presets of higher dynamical effects (See the screenshot below, for example. I was using a mouse not a wacom tablet, but the brush size of the track is not fixed) and there seems to be higher compatibilities to tablets.

Content-Aware Fill

There’s a tool called Content-Aware Fill featured in CS5, I tried to cut off part of the picture below, and then used this Content-Aware Fill. Here’s the original picture:

I cut an rectangle of it:

Content-Aware Filled:

Pretty nice, isn’t it? It’s still kind of weird especially comparing to the original file. But this tool might be very useful when quantity is preferred.

Transform Controls

All the versions I used, through Photoshop 7 to Photoshop CS4, you have to check the “Transform control” after selecting the Move Tool, then click the one of the squares on the edge of the object you want to transform by entering a “Editing Mode”. After transforming, on the other hand, you have to click a check button to make the transform applied and exit this “Editing Mode”. This troubles lots of friends of mine when learning to use Photoshop. In CS5, however, you don’t have to click the squares anymore, but you still have to exit the editing mode.


This is the second version of 64-bit Photoshop. I installed it on my desktop.

Okay, so now I have 64-bit version CS5 on my destop:

And I timed the time it took for my computer to open this 0.8-GB file.

My result is weird: both 32-bit and 64-bit CS5 yield about 30 sec.. Even though I released more physical memory to Photoshop, there seems no noticeable differences. Perhaps that’s because of my computer specifications, being not powerful enough to make me see the differences. I am using Q8300 with 4.00 GB RAM.

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Aura in Black Lingerie

Posted in Ball Joint Doll by Uni on May 9, 2010

Haven’t put the default lingerie from Dollmore on Aura for a long time since her arrival, I washed it with liquid detergent and made it dry, then put the lingerie on. After failing to create a new customized optimization profile in my Nikon D40X, I used PO(portrait) since then. I set white balance to auto because I use desk lamp of fluorescent white light, but the outcome is kind of greenish, and little under exposed. I tried to fix the former by moving the Tint switch making it redder, and latter by boosting the exposure panel and the brightness.

It seems that it’s more easier to fix under exposed photos than over exposed photos. Besides, I found another way to reduce the lights on my black fabrics for the background other than boosting the Black switch in Photoshop RAW: under exposure the photo, then boost the exposure in Photoshop RAW or any other equivalent software after importing.

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New Apple and new wig

Posted in Ball Joint Doll by Uni on May 8, 2010

New Apple,

I went to a local mall and saw this 3D jigsaw puzzle of apple. I took one and got it finished. This apple comprises 44 pieces. Were it not for the instructions, I am not able to finish it.

And then here’s the new wig for Aura,

This is the seventh wig for my Aura. Auburn curls looks so great.

So here’s the modified version of the queen’s apple from the preceding post.

There are lots of dust halos.

Box of my Timberland shoes.

And ‘Thus spoke Zarathustra’ by Friedrich Nietzsche,

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